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Key themes and topics


  • 01: Education – putting Universal Design for Learning at the heart of education – embedding Universal Design content across the curriculum

  • 02: Engagement with Industry – Universal Design practices in real-world industry

  • 03: Partnership and Community Engagement

  • 04: Fashion – Reaching the widest audience for clothing and fashion

  • 05: Healthcare and design of healthcare facilities – facilitating independent and dignified access to healthcare for all

  • 06: Employment – Universal Design to eliminate barriers and promote employment

  • 07: Tourism – Universal Design as a business improvement tool to expand audience reach

  • 08: Transport – Opening up transport planning and services by embedding Universal Design

  • 09: Housing and homes – planning, designing and building homes that work for all ages, sizes and abilities

  • 10: Urban design and planning

  • 11: Teaching and Learning in a digital context

  • 12: System and Institutional Design and Transformation

  • 13: Design of Student Experience & Supports

  • 14: Curriculum development and Transformation: Skills, Learning Outcomes and Universal  Design

  • 15: Cultural and Personal Identities

  • 16: Credit Transfer and Recognition

  • 17: Nature, Purpose and Practice of Higher Education engagement

  • 18: Built environment – internal and external

  • 19: Information and Communications Technology

Book of Abstracts - Paper Sessions


Please view Paper abstracts here.

Key experts from industry, education, government and NGO sectors, along with stakeholders will share experiences and knowledge on how we can transform our world through a combination of design, diversity and education. 


UDHEIT2018 invites new and challenging paper submissions from any area or discipline of Design or Education, embracing our congress themes.

Book of Abstracts - Workshops

Please view Workshop abstracts here.

Workshops are 1.5 hour sessions which provide an opportunity to learn in a practical and engaged way about the exciting array of themes in the worlds of Design and Education

They aim to bring together attendees in the public sector, and in business and industry. Workshops will take place over the four days of the conference.

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